Stitch is almost over.

I won’t even bother fully explaining where the heck I’ve been, because well you know. It was Stitch city USA last week and all I did was blog on that site. After that I immediately snuck away to Dallas to stay with my parents for a few days. During times of high stress I love to go home and stay in my old room, be driven around in the back seat and have all my meals paid for. Call it regression or what you will, but when I am that stressed out I just want to go home. It was a much needed break even if Hope and I did only stay for 2.5 days. I’m back in Austin now and in full effect!

Tonight is the last of the Stitch after party-ness. Please join us at Saba Blue Water Café for our thank you party. Everyone is invited and we will have some free food, cheap drinks and good music. Should be a ton-o-fun. I guess tomorrow is when the post-partum depression will kick in about Stitch being over for the year. You spend so much time and energy planning something and then boom back to normal life. Actually normal life sounds pretty dang awesome about right now. I want to clean my house, move into my new studio, put up Christmas decorations, add new things to my website, play with felting old sweaters, finish writing my book – all things I have not been able to do for the past 3 months because of Stitch.

One after Stitch thing that I am completely excited about is my copy of the program. This year we had super nice slick and shiny programs made that are full color. I can’t wait to come through the program and shop online. I didn’t get to do as much shopping at Stitch as I was hoping, actually I only bought a Seibei T-shirt (which I have been wearing for days straight) but with the program I can track all the people down online and score myself some awesome! Whoo-hoo. If you didn’t make it to Stitch and didn’t score yourself a program or a goodie bag you might check out our friend Jessica’s blog Funky Finds where you can win one!

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