Stitch in the Beauty Bar Window

Last night the ladies of Stitch and I had our second to last in person Stitch meeting. This is not to say that we won’t keep sending 100’s of emails everyday through our google group until next Saturday, but yesterday was the last official meeting. You think running a fashion show is all fun and games and it is more about how many outlets are we going to need, are there enough bars, do we have a mirror for the dressing room type issues.

While we were out last night I swung by the Beauty Bar, which we currently have decorated, and snapped a few pictures. See the Beauty Bar rotates out the window display monthly and this month it is all about Stitch. We decorated it along with Prototype vintage. There are dresses by Hot Pink Pistol and Tina Sparkles and a blouse by Chia in the window. The jewelry is Naughty Secretary Club. Also in the window is a TV that Karly painted green and we have a looped video that shows a slide show of pictures from years past, our logo and vendors that you will see next Saturday at the Austin Convention Center. We will be taking over the Parts and Labour window this weekend!

Anywhoodle take a peeksie at our window styling action and if you live in Austin go grab a drink at the Beauty Bar and peep our handiwork in person.

Oh and happy Halloween. I of course have to stay home and work, work and work. I don’t even have candy to give out. I’m sure I will do my usual which is listen to Nick Cave and the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and maybe watch a horror movie.

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  1. The

    Great window! Looks like you guys are really gettin’ right down to it for Stitch. Etsy will have reps there as well! Come say hey!


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