STITCH in the Austin Chronicle

Mr. Stephen Moser of the Austin Chronicle was kind enough to run this blurb about STITCH and feature one of Hope and I’s model’s Lindsay Muse. Read it online or right here.

WITHOUT A STITCH A week ago Sunday was the third annual Stitch fashion show – each year I get closer and closer to actually attending. But once again, I disappointed them by not showing up. However, I did have the foresight to ask Neil to go for me and note some of the details, so I could no longer be accused of “ignoring Austin’s largest fashion show …” (OK, it’s not the largest show – that honor belongs to the UT spring show – though Stitch may be the largest fashion show/craft bazaar). Neil’s picks from the craft bazaar included bath products from Feto Soaps,; clubwear for dogs from 4T5 Dogs,; and Simple Southern Scents candles, From the runway, Neil recommended Ramonster,; Naughty Secretary Club ( with jewelry by Hot Pink Pistol (; Tokyo Valentine, who seem to try and rise above the typical indie infatuation for reconstructed clothes; and the truly charming clothing and accessories from Identity Crisis ( The phrase “handmade” gets thrown around a lot in this show. Pop quiz: Who out there can tell me what the definition of handmade is? And what exactly is the difference between handmade and machine-made? I keep hearing that everything in Stitch is handmade. Homemade, yes, but handmade? As in: Every stitch is done by hand, as opposed to being done on a sewing machine? Hmmm…

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