Starship Pegasus

One of the best parts of my trip to Dallas for the holidays was when we pulled over in Italy, TX to let our dog Lucy go to the bathroom. In Italy/Ennis there is the Monolithic Dome Institute that you can see from the highway. You can’t miss it there to the east it is a community of domes, but the most prominent one is right up on the highway and is several large domes connected and painted to look like a caterpillar. A caterpillar with cowboy boots on if memory serves. Anyway, right up the road from the domes is this abandoned putt putt golf / ice cream parlor shaped like a giant spaceship. Let me reiterate that these places are in the middle of nowhere so it quite strange to out of nowhere crammed between a couple of truck stops spot the Starship Pegasus. Chris and I went to the truck stop first where we scored some gas and lemon drops then we decided to drive over to the space ship to let Lucy do her business for no other reason than we wanted a cheap excuse to walk around this intergalactic establishment. The putt putt range was maybe 12 feet long and 6 feet wide and right next to a major highway so it was clear to me why it didn’t make it. I found the sticker on the front door that says “We sell Blue Bell Ice Cream” almost as amusing as the graffiti alien that someone had doodled on the electric meter. Anywhoo, some people in Texas get their pictures taken with the Blue Bonnets, Chris and I think more people should stop on Italy to get their pictures taken with the regal Starship Pegasus.

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