Spring Break With the Kiddlets – Dress Up Play Date

You thought I was not going to make it the full week of spring break with the kiddlets didn’t you oh ye of little faith. Well ok, I made it 5 out of 7 days but for me and a series that is like some sort of record. My last suggestion of something fun to do with the kiddlets involves letting the little ones raid your wardrobe.

Gather up a group of toddlers, hand over a few tiaras and watch the fun begin. I’m talking about hosting a dress-up party play date.

I have been dreaming of hosting this play date since I bought these vintage Hallmark napkins at the thrift store long before I had kids. Look closely they have pictures of little girls playing dress up on them. I don’t think anyone noticed but me.

The kids put together some interesting outfits and had just as much fun styling each other as they did getting dressed themselves. I knew I was hanging onto those sequined shirts and leopard capelets for a reason.

Think babies can’t play dress up? Think again. You have not seen baby bliss until you have seen a baby wallow in a pile of silky scarves.

Even the funniest of activities get old for toddlers pretty quick. I had a plenty of dress-up themed coloring sheets and crayons on hand for breaks in-between outfit party.

Sure you could have a regular play date, but one with a theme like dress up is so much more fun. What is the funniest themed play date you have ever been to or hosted? I’m always looking for new ideas. I hosted a music themed one not long ago where everyone brought instruments and had a jam session!

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