Spider Bites and this week on Craft Lab

MONDAY: Cast Resin Bobble heads with Gretchen Martin. This is one cool chick and one cool project. Ever wanted to make your own undulating hula girl for the dash? I know I have.

TUESDAY: Recycled Paper Making with Heidi Riemer Epp. Do you pronounce couching pad “cow-ching” or “coo-ching”? Funny that this episode is airing on Tuesday. As mentioned my girlfriend Susann is here staying with me because she is going to be filming an episode tomorrow about paper making. She came home last night and whipped up some pulp in the blender and has been making paper in my kitchen all morning.

WEDNESDAY: Gourds 101 with Melynda Lotven. I can remember going out to East Texas to visit my family as a child and being fascinated by the gourds that my Uncle Dougie would carve. He just made ladles and bird houses, Melynda makes way radder stuff.

THURSDAY: Worldly Mats and Frames with Lisa Stewart Shepard. Cool home dec items inspired by Lisa’s travels!

FRIDAY: Clay Mask with Anne Igou. With the Marie Antoinette movie coming out soon you are going to want to see how to make your own polymer clay masquerade ball mask. Anne and her mom are like the queens of polymer clay awesomeness, plus Anne gave me good advice about what kind of wave iron to buy for my hair. A woman who can talk crafts and hair, I like that.

So every week day on DIY Network at 12:30 central you have something fun and crafty to tune in to.

I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about the latest on my spider bite, or at least my mom is. So after a week of showing people the giant swollen spot on my leg to mixed concerns, some people thought I was over reacting and other people thought I should go to the emergency room. I broke down and went to the doctors. After an incident Friday night with my pants dropped in the bathroom at a busy restaurant and several patrons gathered around me jaw dropped pressuring me into a visit to a medical facility I decided to go. I went and picked up Susann and she and I swung by the most ghetto doctors office I have ever been in. The room looked like a jail cell. The doctor came in and did not know if it was a bite, but did confirm that it was indeed infected and could possibly be either a staff infection or an abscess. What ever that all means. Basically I had to get a shot in my butt of antibiotics, now I am taking 200 milligrams a day of antibiotics and I have to go back tomorrow to make sure the swelling is not growing or else there may be “nicking” involved. “Nicking” seems so much worse than lancing. I’ll keep you posted. To really top things off the bite is right above the fish bite I got this summer. That must be a very tasty portion of my leg.

Also last night we opted for the movie at the cemetery as our outing. We saw Dawn of the Dead and it was amazing. I had never seen it, and Susann had never seen the original. Dario Argento was involved, the soundtrack was by The Goblins, zombies – what is not to love.

After Susann wraps up making paper we are headed out to the flea market on Melrose today. Hooray!

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