Site Outage, New Press and Flights.

So today is the day I leave for Los Angeles for 5 weeks and really the last thing I needed was for Dreamhost to shut my web site down yesterday. I awoke to find it back on and a standard response in my inbox about how it was an automated shut off. They think I am spamming people. I send out my newsletter maybe once every other month. They keep asking me if I have corrupt files on the site or forms that people could have hacked into. I think it might be Dreamhost with the issues and not my site and I am still shopping for another web hosting service. Sucks Naughty Secretary Club has been hosted by them since 1999 without a single issue and I have recommended them to a bazillion crafty upstarts.

In happier news I got copies of the new Knit 1 and Crafts Reports Magazines yesterday. Crafts Reports has an article about Austin complete with a big fat picture of the Austin Craft Mafia taken by the lovely Cory Ryan at Romeos. Knit 1 is pumped full of Naughty Secretary Club goodies. Vickie interviewed Isaac Mizrahi for the issue and was sweet enough to wear one of my Revamped Vintage Necklaces. All through out the After School Special spread there are tons of NSC pieces here is a picture with the Candy Sprinkled Doughnut Earrings and Kapow Ring!

Ok I better go get ready for the airport.

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