Silhouette Art – A Book Review and Round Up

Recently Chronicle Books sent over a snazzy little book called Silhouette Art: Papers, Instructions, and Patterns for Making Modern Heirlooms by Vana Chupp. I love this new trend with craft books to include not only a how-to book, but supplies too!

The book includes how-to instructions for making a traditional silhouette, it’s the way they suggest using those silhouettes that makes this book so much fun. Paper weights, pendants and place mats – sky is the limit on how you can use your silhouette.

The handy dandy packet includes an instruction booklet, archival black paper as well as patterned paper, 16 silhouette templates & even a cardstock frame/mat. Everything you need to immortalize your toddler, pet, fave chair – you name it.

I have had a soft spot for silhouettes for quite sometime so this book hits close to home. Here is a quick round-up of some of my fave uses for the always classic silhouette.

Even cupcakes are not safe from the silhouette trend. I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat these adorable little yummies from Death by Cupcakes.

Ever thought about a set of silhouettes to sass up your slip-ons? I did.

Easter is right around the corner, Vana Chupp the author of Silhouette Art has a how-to project to make some of the cutest Easter Eggs I’ve seen in a good long while.

The classic black cat silhouette makes for a smashing Halloween banner.

Hambly Screen Prints has oodles of cute silhouette goodies to craft with. Just check out the wee-witch shrine I made with some of their overlays.

Silhouettes make amazing images to silk screen with. All you need is an embroidery hoop, fabric paint and decoupage medium.

This unicorn girl silhouette wallpaper makes me squeal with joy, thank you Elizabeth Anne Designs for exposing me!

Glitter makes everything better, including silhouettes.

Via Tater Tots and Jello I discovered these wonderful 3D silhouettes on polka dotted plates by Harrigan Howdy.

Have you ever tried glass etching? Easy as pie and looks pretty smart when you etch a silhouette.

Giver’s Log says this is a checkbook cover for Grandma (because really who else still writes checks), but I think you could also make adorable silhouette phone covers, ipad sleeves and more.

P.S. Silhouette Art pics snagged from Felt and Wire.

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  1. Raynata

    Love these ideas! Esp. the one with the fabric paint and stencils. I actually saw glass etching on another blog and they made their own stencils, and it was something I wanted to try. Just have to find the stuff to do it with!


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