Shower Doors, New Jewelry and Dead Birds.

How was your Sunday? Mine was fine and dandy hard candy Christmas. Chris and I tooted around town and had a few adventures. First stop was Home Depot where we perused the shower doors and shower heads. It was really exciting. The poor guy does not have a door or curtain on his shower anymore and well I want him out of my pink bathroom so we need to fix that. From there we went to lunch at Chuy’s which was quite delicious. We sat right next to a chair that had a star on the back that said “Kevin Spacey”, I’m assuming that means he sat in that chair at some point. Chris touched it, so that pretty much makes him famous too. I saw in the paper that to celebrate the birth of Elvis that if you go to Chuy’s today dressed as The King you get a free meal. Too bad I didn’t know that yesterday, dang. So after lunch Chris and I went over to Zilker Park to enjoy the sunshine and do some hiking. When we returned home I made a ton of jewelry for orders and we watched Munich, which I was not that impressed by. We are still learning how to work our new DVR and this was our first recording. I have Nanny McPhee set to record this afternoon. The other big excitement of Sunday was that I added a ton of new jewelry to Naughty Secretary Club!

New Revamped Vintage Necklaces & Earrings, Nostalgic Notions Necklaces and Thing-a-Ling Earrings. I am really smitten on these new earrings I am making with vintage paper. I did an interview around Christmas where I talked about using scrap wrapping paper to make jewelry, you can read it here.

Speaking of press I got sent this clip from the people at iVilliage today. They have a little news broadcast called Stuff We Love and Naughty Secretary Club was featured in a recent segment called Do Good Design. They show several pieces of jewelry and the host is wearing the Key to My Heart Necklace throughout the entire piece!

In other exciting news here in Austin there is some bird drama. I woke up this morning to find Chris working from home when he was supposed to go into the office today. “Why are you here?” I asked, and then he turns it on News 8 and fills me in on the gossip. I swear if he and I get the bird cooties because we went hiking instead of sitting on our porch like we usually do on Sundays I am never trying to get healthy again.

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