She’s Crafty

Apparently my episode of She’s Crafty aired on Canadian HGTV yesterday. So technically Monday I was on HGTV in two different countries, don’t worry I won’t let it go to my head I just head generic brand macaroni and cheese for dinner after all. I wish I could see the episode I had tons of fun going to Vancouver and hanging out with host Wendy Russell. If you don’t get Canadian HGTV here are the instructions and some pictures from when my mom and I made the step outs for the episode.

TV Tray Table (must have a ‘lip’ around the edge of the table)
Silver Paint
Green Acrylic Paint
Hot Pink glitter glue
Hot Pink glitter
EnviroTex Lite® resin
Disposable plastic cup or bucket
Workable Fixative
Sponge brushes, wooden stick to mix resin, embossing heat tool (a.k.a. embossing gun), latex gloves

Clean table well to remove any surface dirt. Apply one coat of primer, and allow to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions. (You could also spray paint primer).
Paint legs of table and lip with silver paint, until desired effect is achieved. (You could also spray paint the table.)
Paint the table top with green acrylic paint (2 coats).
Stencil on circles using the bottom of a glass or other household items.
Fill in stencil with plain glue or glitter glue.
Sprinkle hot pink glitter on top of glue while still wet.
When glue is dry, blow off excess glitter.
Wearing latex gloves, mix up resin according to manufacturers instructions in disposable cup and pour on top of table until even. Be sure to use in a well-ventilated area.
Use embossing heat tool to pop in bubbles in the resin.
Let set 24 hours to dry completely.

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  1. robyn

    hey there! i keep trying to drop you an e-mail, but all the (at) e-mails are getting sent back to me!

    can you shoot me one to robyn.charles(at) so i know how to talk atcha?!

  2. Zawacky

    I love these tables. They are the cutest things I have ever seen. I am going to make some – probably not until after I move out though. They’re going to look cute no matter where I move. Thanks for the craft project.


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