Shell Tiaras – The Ultimate Mermaid Party Accessory

Once my mother-in-law gave Tallulah a giant bag of shells she gathered at the beach. At the time I thought “what are we going to do with all of these really not that awesome shells?”. I should have known they would eventually get used. Tallulah paints them, they have lived in the sand box, several are floating at the bottom of her mermaid themed sensory bin and today we used them to make a tiara.

This afternoon we were invited to a mermaid themed birthday party and encouraged to dress the part. I just so happen to have some plastic tiaras in the studio (doesn’t everyone) and then I went to our trusty bag of shells. Tallulah happily sat and painted and glittered this afternoon. I gave her colors that matched the dress she was going to wear to the party.

When the paint dried Tallulah helped me select which shell went where and we got to gluing. The end result was a little top heavy and by the time we got to the party she had an ear ache and was not happy about me making her pose in her creation, but I thought the tiara came out great. More importantly she had a great time making it. I guess next time my mother-in-law brings me a random bag of something I should not luck a gift horse in the mouth.

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