Shadow Puppets, Lucha Libre, Cakes and more!

Yet another week here in Los Angeles stuffed to the gills with crafty goodness. Filming of the second season of Craft Lab is going along swimmingly! The guests are awesome, the crafts are rawking my face off, the crew is sweet as pumpkin pie and all is right in the crafty TV world. This week was also extra special exciting because my hubby Chris came in for a visit. Hooray.

Monday started out with the adorable Julia Andrus. Julia and I had filmed some field pieces together this summer at CHA in Chicago. Julia and I did some embossing and altered paper arts. In-between Julia’s shows Susann and I made bamboo goodies. I was glad Susann came all the way from Austin to play with me on the show.

Tuesday morning Susann left and that evening Chris arrived. The shows that day were super fun. The first and last episodes were with Bre Pettis from Make and Craft Magazine. He is a super cool dude and oh so fun to craft with. We did high speed photography and he made me pop balloons with pins and create sparks with disposable cameras on the first show. The third show of the day that we filmed together Bre and I made shadow puppets. Mine came out a little wonky, but hey what can you say. Oh and I got a copy of Craft Magazine and like whoa is it good. The middle show was with a lovely repeat guest from last season, Bethany Mann. She and I made these gothic, Alice in Wonderland themed eggs. Not lame Easter eggs, cool black and white skull adorned wax trimmed eggs complete with little doors. Cool stuff.

Wednesday was another double guest show with Tiffany Miller. Tiffany and I made a sassy girl mosaic of moi’ on the first show. She even let me keep it! On the last show she and I made candles with blow torches. Crafts with fire are always fun. The middle show was with the adorable Kate Richbourg. Kate owns a bead store in San Francisco called Beadissimo. She and I soldered a little trinket box. I am addicted to soldering and can not wait to get back to Austin and experiment with it more.

Thursday the first show of the day was with Keri Plezia of the Phoenix Fridas. She and I made a kaleidoscope. The middle show with was Kate Richbourg again and she and I made a purse out of potato chip bags. I have always wanted to know how to make these and now I do! Third show of the day was with Mary Clark Camargo and she and I made a mosaic wind chime.

Friday was a fun day all around. My first and third show was with my good friend Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica fame. On the first show we got to make Lucha Libre goodies: masks, wrestling rings, confetti eggs and more. Susan Stars came back to play and be a crafter on the show. The last episode of the day with Kathy we did glitter art. The extra fun thing was that my hubby Chris got to be one of the crafters. He actually did really good and made lovely glitter shadow boxes. He also wore his “I heart crafty chicks” T-shirt! The middle show was with another one of my favorite repeat guests Elisa Strauss. We made a cake that looked like a bag of popcorn. The woman uses scalpels to carve her cakes with!

Friday night I went to dinner with Chris and Cathy and my friends Lisa and Matt. It was an early night because I was pooped. Today Chris and I went for lunch at Birds then walked around Hollywood Blvd to look at the stars. Chris had his picture taken with Chevy Chase’s star. We then went down to Melrose and did some shopping. I did not get a single thing. I did however get to stop by the Tarino Tarentino store which I have always wanted to see.

Tomorrow is my birthday and Lisa has “produced” the entire day. We are going to the Rose bowl Flea Market, Felt Club craft show and then to Medieval Times!

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