Seventeen Magazine + Naughty Secretary Club

If your March 2009 issue of Seventeen Magazine has not arrived in the mail yet let me fill you in on a couple of things to look out for while flipping through the pages. Naughty Secretary Club makes two appearances in the issue. First check out our one of kind Hammered Hottie Necklace. This necklace is sort of my take on a leigh and with summer right around the corner it’s perfect! A few pages later you can spot our Like Totally Texas Necklace in neon yellow. This necklace is for Texans who want to show their state pride with a wink and smile.

4 Responses to “Seventeen Magazine + Naughty Secretary Club”

  1. Peptogirl

    Love the photos – congrats! Funny, I still prefer the fashion pages of Seventeen to other “woman’s” magazines. The clothes are so much more fun and affordable. That just makes me young at heart, right?

  2. gretchb

    congrats indeed!!! a bit off topic perhaps but was hoping you could tell me what brand those overalls are in the first pic??? i’m COVETING them….
    thanks! 🙂


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