Scrap in Style

A while back I kept hearing a rumbling from the crafty underground about a new website/online TV show called Scrap in Style and apparently according to my friend Claudine Hellmuth’s blog the site is up and running. I looked around a bit and it looks like a really awesome site that I am going to need to investigate further. I am not much of a scrap booker, although I am drawn to all the papers for jewelry purposes, but the site looks like it has way more than just scrap booking info.

Anyway through my little adventure I stumbled upon some really cool scrap booking blogs. One in particular that caught my eye was Adrienne Looman. If I could scrap book and make it look like this the photos from my wedding would not be in a plastic bag in my garage. I have a hard time finding scrap book supplies that catch my eye on Craft Lab and at the craft store. Usually I think of scrap books involving pink, chocolate brown, and polka dots. A lot of the supplies can start to look the same after awhile especially when you are combing the aisles of CHA. One place that sells some really awesome stuff that I have mentioned before is Hambly. I sent Karly the link yesterday to their “Out on a Limb” rub ons for her wedding invitations. They use really bright neon colors and awesome prints like records, robots, pirate ships and chandeliers. They have a blog too written by their head designer Alison Kreft you should check out for further inspiration.

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