Rubber Faced Dolls

This weekend with my parents was full of great scores in the thrifting and antique department. This is a picture of a little vignette I created in one of the shelves above the desk in my office with some of my new toys and new radio.

I did a little research on the internet today about my new favorite collection and realized that the vintage stuffed animals with plastic faces were mainly produced by a company called Rushton starting in the 1950’s. Remember the Monchhichi dolls? They are kind of like that. Rushton was not the only company to produce these stuffed animals, but they appear to be a biggie. I also found they are often referred to as “Rubber Faced Dolls”. I actually don’t like the dolls, I prefer the animals. In the picture you can see a monkey who I believe is named Tippy and was the girlfriend of Zippy. You can also see a pouty little lion, perky elephant and surly looking Donald Duck. I have several that are not pictured like a tiger that was my mom’s in high school that has a tag that says “Stern Stuffed Toys and Novelties”, a Rushton skunk with flowers, Panda Bear, wind up beaver and some lanky bear creature in an orange and plaid jump suit. I have blogged my cows before.

When searching for more information on these I found this old ad on EBAY. I would kill for the plush octopus with a hard rubber face. Talk about adorable.

3 Responses to “Rubber Faced Dolls”

  1. Ingrid

    I have a picture of me with the monster of all rubber faced stuffed animals. (I can’t find any email adress and I dont think I can post pics)
    It was a monkey that was MY SIZE…oh how I loved that thing! Let me know if you’d like to see him.

  2. Anonymous

    My name is Max Feldman. My Uncle, Benjamin Stern, was the owner of Stern Stuffed Toys and Novelties in Queens, NY back in the 1950’s. Do you have any information about where the company went? I lost track of that part of the family.


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