Rubber Faced Doll Paintings and Etsy.

Yesterday I had so much fun sitting around and sorting through my stash putting together new and exciting Crafty Curios packs. There is something oddly relaxing about putting together packs of crafty goodness. Maybe it is just me. Anywhoo check out my ETSY store to see all the new goodies. I am also working on some Packs O’ Paper to add to the line for all you collage nuts out there.

I also snuck some new pins onto Naughty Secretary Club when you were not looking. Peep all the new brooches with things like unicorns and rainbows.

In other exciting news I went by sister’s house today to meet her new taxidermied animal heads Maddox and Pax and saw the new painting she is working on. It is based on my collection of Dream Pets and Rubber Faced Dolls. I might cry if I don’t own it.

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