Roundtop Roundup Day Three

At the end of each Round Top I have post-partum depression. Is that weird? I just love going to flea markets so much and this one by far is my all time favorite. For 3 days straight I get to shop in a vintage wonderland situated in cow pastures off of country roads in rural Texas. My mom comes down to stay with me and every day we wake up at 8am and drive the 70 miles east to shop all day and roll back into Austin around 7pm. 3 days straight of hard core shopping and I did not see everything or go into each field and barn. I speak as a woman who was raised going to flea markets (Texans can you say Canton / First Mondays), I flew to Massachusetts for Brimfield last year and if I am in Los Angeles at the right time you better bet I am at the Rose Bowl. So I don’t call Round Top / Marburger Farms / Warrington my favorite loosely. I speak with years of experience under my belt. I have to say if you are planning to come to Austin for a visit might I suggest around the first weekend of April or October so you can also hit Round Top.

I have to say my haul from this year is smaller than in years past. A small list of what I scored includes: a stuffed vintage bunny, strands of turquoise, TV shaped souvenir view finders of Germany, beads, vintage rubber faced cow complete with utters, a celluloid hair comb coated in red rhinestones, fabric scraps, jewelry parts for Naughty Secretary Club and more. Compared to years past when I have brought home giant panda heads and pictures of naked ladies for my bathroom this was a mild haul. Hope and my mother had banner years with stuffed bob cats, Victorian fence posts and mounted deer heads.

The show is still going on through Sunday, but I have done my 3 days and it is back to real life for me. My aching legs and feet could not take much more even if I wanted them to and now I need to start finding places for everything I drug home.

Be sure to check out my Flickr account for tons of pictures, but in the meantime here are a few to tide you over.

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