Round Top Flea Market – My Home Away from Home

I made it through 3 days of the spring Round Top flea market unscathed and with some pretty amazing scores. Today I give you my bi-annual pictorial roundup to rub the awesomeness of the whole thing in the faces of those who didn’t make it and remind those who did of all the glory.

Clowns are always a popular flea market theme. My friend Karly tried to talk me into the child’s table and chair set in the top picture, but alas I am holding out for something that matches my existing patio furniture a bit better.

Tallulah enjoyed her 2nd trip to Round Top (3rd if in-utero counts). One day she stayed home with daddy, another day she spent with grandma (not my mom duh she was with me shopping all 3 days) and then one day she spent shopping like a champ. I even got her a new rocking horse.

I always score lots of goodies for craft projects at Round Top. The two wall paper sample books made my heart go pitter patter, I might make myself some new canisters. I have a few top secret plans in mind for the knitting needles and tin cups and plates. The coffee canister and vitamin powder can will soon be converted into planters.

Just in time for Easter I found a few new welcome additions to my collection. The little pink bunny that says ‘Small Wonder’ made me giggle.

Speaking of adding to my collections I found a few Fisher Price goodies including this little circus train.

One of my fave stops at Round Top is Clutter (and chipotle egg salad at Sack Lunch, yum!). I love the clever Barkcloth fabric display, maybe I’ll do something like this with some of the wallpaper samples in my new books.

I love craft spotting at flea markets. I have a thing for vintage craft projects like the little owl. The rebar was a new spin on the bottle tree. I wanted some of those recycled metal flowers for my yard. If the molds for the doll heads had not been so pricey they would have been mine.

It’s not too late to snag some of these treasures for yourself, Round Top goes through this coming Sunday. If you can’t make it this weekend pencil in the first weekend of October. I’ll see ya then.

8 Responses to “Round Top Flea Market – My Home Away from Home”

  1. Susan

    Love those pictures! The Fisher-Price circus train is pretty much my favorite thing ever. So glad you found one!

  2. Kylieh

    i really think i have a clown phobia or matter how much i love colors and how much i like the other photos here, the clowns give me a negative feeling..sorry..

    but i like the photo collection as a whole

  3. Keli

    I just saw a phone like that at Room Service the other day…fond memories of using those kewl telle's when i was a kiddo =)Looks like you had fun, as usual, I'm definitely gonna try to catch it come October! Thanks for sharing

  4. Donna

    Oh my, your timing is great, I am going to the Brimfield Flea Market(or whatever they call it now) here is Massachusetts, in May. Do you have any advice for those of us who may not feel so flea marketing savvy as yourself? I am not very good at bargaining with vendors. Brimfield is huge and I am going one day with my brother and thinking one day isn't enough. If you get a chance, please

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Kelly Ann, that is no excuse! I once flew to Massachusetts for the Brimfield flea market. Ok just kidding, but I bet there is something good in a day trip around your parts.

    Susan I was pretty pumped for the train. I also got a little green radio and chime ball. I passed up a few other Fisher Price things I wish I hadn't now, but I can't have them all.

    Jessica I


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