Roman Polanski learns how to garden in the Craft Lab.

I spent my Saturday uploading a few new Crafty Curios to my ETSY shop and doing some gardening. The front flower bed of my house has looked down right embarrassing for so long now. I also was so excited to find a Fuchsia at Lowes. They are my very favorite and I can never find them. After I finish this blog I am going out to concur some more of the front yard. Chris started his annual garden in the backyard complete with tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cucumber and more. The guy has a green thumb. Oh and we capped the night off watching (and reading) an older Roman Polanski movie called Knife in the Water. Friday night I had been to see Zodiac with Hope, Karly and Erin and incase I forget to mention it later it sucked. Man was it too long.

Don’t forget weekdays at 11am to tune in to DIY Network for episodes of Craft Lab. I just found out they are not planning to show the fun new season 2 episodes that were on HGTV earlier this year until fall. That makes me sad since I am a little burnt out on the reruns. If you are sick of the reruns and wanna see the new episodes feel free to send a Craft Lab Love Letter to DIY.

Ok on to this week’s episodes! MONDAY Lisa Shepard Stewart stops by and she and I make some wonderful home decor items and learn about African Design. TUESDAY it’s origami with Jeremy Shafer. WEDNESDAY Leonila Arboleda and I come up with some Creative Produce Displays. AKA watch me try to carve fruit. THURSDAY Darlene Schaper shows me how to do Encaustic Wax Collage. Her art is amazing! FRIDAY we are making Cloth Dolls with Patt Culea. Also on Friday I hang out with Walter and Gwen Knabe and do some Crafting with Dad.

Don’t forget also on DIY Network to watch Stylelicious on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00pm. TUESDAY see Tina, Susann and Hope do a Decade Do Over. Make some 70’s boots and lacy 80’s belts. THURSDAY is a sentimental episode for me because it is the first one we ever filmed and I was so nervous I could die. And not because of the blazer I was wearing. Vickie, Jesse and I Spice Up some fun stuff like these customized panties!

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