Revamped Vintage Rings

I am pretty proud of myself for all the new goodies I have gotten up on the website this weekend. As if all the new necklaces and brooches were not enough I just added oodles of new Revamped Vintage Rings. Whoo-hoo! I mentioned it in a few of my descriptions, but this summer I scored the mother load of cool stuff to make rings with. In New York I went into this store that had all these vintage buttons still carded and everything. They were like show buttons that a salesman would take into a store and the owner would point at the style and go “I’ll take 20”. When I saw all these cards sitting sad and alone on the floor in this shop I jumped on them because I knew the awesome one of a kind ring opportunities that they had. I am especially smitten on the heart shaped buttons with airplanes. In an odd coincidence I recently got a makeup bag at Target decorated with the exact same design. They must have seen the same buttons, what are the chances of two different people thinking “hey wouldn’t it be awesome if we put a tiny airplane inside a heart”. Because really I for one don’t heart planes. They make me nervous as a matter of fact. Another weird tangential ring thing, every time I take pictures of rings or close up of hands I remember a conversation I had with my good friend Tina. She was filling me in on how close up skin pictures really creep her out. Skin is a wee weird looking close up and on camera, but really there is not a better way to take a ring picture.

Ok over and out Chris and I are having a real life date today that involves the movies and steaks. I hope Lady in the Water does not suck. We go to the movies like once every 6 months and I always seem to make bad choices. I chose Kinsey last night on HBO and that was not a bad choice at all. Very interesting actually. My dad is a professor of Human Sexuality so I will have to make him watch it.

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