Reunited and it feels so good.

Yesterday at Roundtop was a successful haul. I bet I got enough small vintage gold charms to make an all new gold cha cha bracelet. Not many personal scores, most everything was for Naughty Secretary Club. There was a couple of panels of Barkcloth for some throw pillows and a couple of other things. My FAVORITE thing I got yesterday is my new Peanut necklace. It’s like I have been incomplete my whole life and now that Mr. Peanut necklace and I are reunited all is right in the world. He is the size of an actual peanut, metal and hangs from some gold toned chain. He called to me from the bottom of a crusty “Everything’s a dollar” box”. Look at that mouth. I guess it might be a Mrs. Peanut with all the lipstick. The teeth are a little jagged and creepy. Who made this necklace and why? Is it a Jimmy Carter souvenir? Who knows? All I know is this necklace is hi-larious and I wore him to dinner last night and made him do ventriloquism acts for everyone at the table. It was a big hit.

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