Random Quote in Venus Zine Newsletter

Today when my Venus Zine newsletter came into my inbox there I was smiling back at myself. It was kind of surreal. My friend Tina Sparkles and I were interviewed for the winter issue of Venus. They think we are “Style Icons” and we were not about to disagree, maybe pinch ourselves to make sure it was real. I’ll keep you posted on when the interview comes out, but in the meantime here is a wee little baby quote. Oh and we did the interview with Marisa Meltzer who wrote How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time. Wowsers!

Also yesterday I was super excited to see that Make It Mine Magazine had posted a blog all about Stitch. Make it Mine is a new how-to magazine coming out this fall that sounds like it is going to be super fun. Tina Sparkles has a skirt in the gallery and I have a how to necklace in the issue. You can see it in their banner ad. Make It Mine comes out in November, but we are going to have free copies to give away at Stitch.

Speaking of Stitch as I mentioned I have not blogged much because we are in the middle of crunch time tying up loose ends, setting up after parties, doing extra promotion and more. Read the Stitch blog if you want more gory details on what has been going on with me. So far this week other than Stitch I have actually had an action packed weekend thus far. Monday my friend Cory Ryan came over and did a photo shoot with me for the Handmade Nation Book. I decided to not try and clean my studio for the environmental shots and instead we busted out the fish eye lens and got in every last bead lodged into the carpet. Brace yourself for these pictures. Today my pal Vickie Howell took me out to lunch for my birthday and we chatted about her new podcast series that I am going to be a part of and the Stitch webcast that she is hosting. I worked on jewelry for Stitch all afternoon while Hope put together orders. I ended up making 3 earrings to go with one dress. Tonight I need to think deep matching bracelet and ring thoughts.

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