So last night I decided to reward myself with a drinkie on the back porch with Erin, Jug, Kurt and Hope. All day yesterday Jasmine cranked out jewelry and Ginger and I put together orders and tried to put out some fires. After the girls left at 5 I still had to go to Fed Ex and get packages off to W, Playgirl and Lori Goldstein. See, I deserved a break if you are asking me.

Before my friends came over I talked to my friend Kate in LA and she said “I saw your rock-n-roll charm school necklace in Life and Style Magazine”. By God she was right, Fred Flare got the necklace in the mag, those people rawk. If you make stuff you should totally enter their “next big thing” contest. I have the rock-n-roll charm school and ping-pong necklace on their site.

So today is going to be spent working on stuff for my trip to Atlanta Monday (this time I have the dates right I promise). This evening is Chia and Javi’s wedding which should be tons of fun since almost everyone I know is invited and there will be DJ’s, dancing, food, friends and drinks – plus the weather is a perfect temperature for an outdoor wedding. I guess I need to start thinking about what I am going to wear. Suppose my usual outfit of jeans and a Naughty Secretary Club hoodie would not fly for this event.

Can’t have too much fun Jen A is coming over tomorrow to show me how to update the Austin Craft Mafia press page. I handle all the press for the group and we are trying to spread the gospel about our new TV show Stylelicious.

Ok so enough rambling about my life.

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