Rain Rain Go Away

This rain thing is really starting to chap my hide. As you know here in Texas it has been rain, rain and more rain. Every day is drab and dreary. I have not personally experienced all the flooding a lot of people are talking about. Not sure it has been as bad in Austin as it has been in some other places. All my plans for outdoor parties involving grills and swimming for the 4th of July are down the tubes, happy Independence day by the way!

I wanted to show you some pictures of what has been happening around my house with all the rain. It will also happen tonight if anyone shoots off fireworks in my neighborhood. My dog Lucy and cat Georgie are not fans of the rain either, especially thunder and lightening. Chris and I have a theory that kitty has only learned to fear the thunder and lightening from watching Lucy. First sign of a storm and Lucy is like a child who was raised in Oklahoma or some other tornado prone place and knows to go into the bathroom to seek shelter. She lays in front of the toilet and kitty cowers in the back by the piping. The other day when it was raining kitty was sitting in this empty box just facing the wall. So ya see people are not the only ones effected by all this rain. My dog misses her walks and her old arthritic bones are sick of sleeping on the bathroom floor rather than her comfy bed. Kitty prefers relaxing in a sunny windowsill rather than under beds and behind toilets. The entire Perkins-Boehk Family misses the sun. Forecasts show rain with thunderstorms through next week.

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