R-O-C-K in the USA

So literally I sat all day yesterday and made white jewelry for Elle Girl. Some pretty cute stuff came out of it I must say. I’ll keep you posted on what they shoot. I have to make some other stuff for Italian Elle and Knit 1 Magazine today. Thank God I think I have found a new assistant.

My night turned out to be pretty interesting. I usually go out and stay in one place all evening, but apparently when you go out with Cory Ryan this is not how the night goes. 5 places in 7 hours. Obviously this picture of us was not taken last night, but it’s all I had.

Cory and I are trying to make an effort to go new places and this one was on our list. If you live here in Austin you have seen this new restaurant on the East side of Congress catty cornered to Black Mail. Big outside patio with lots of cute metal chairs. The girls said their food was good, I was still full from my lunch at Polvos so I just took advantage of their $2 Texas Beers on Tuesdays special. Service was not the best I have had, but Cory’s fish tacos were wee and that made me want to go back and have them. It’s like how somehow silver dollar pancakes are better than normal size ones, petite fish tacos looked really tantalizing.

Well Erin went home and Cory knows the door guy at The Continental, guess I do too he is my neighbor so we cruised over there. Toni Price on Tuesday’s is apparently kind of legendary. We sat on a couch and sipped red stripe and watched the hippies dance. Some lady in a fringed leather jacket that I had in 8th grade when I thought Kip Winger was hot made a comment to us that we were sitting on “her couch”. That was amusing. On the walk back to the car I had an epiphany about my next tattoo. I am getting all these weird little animals from vintage kimono fabric and then it dawned on me to take in my favorite kimono for my tattoo guy to use as a background pattern. Genius!

I usually just go here for coffee. This is where the infamous story about the name of my record label was born “Has Anyone Ever Told You you look like Molly Rinwald?” the girl behind the counter asked me. I also sell jewelry in the store on the ground level. However, tonight we were there to see a string quartet called Tosca who I was dreading. There was also some guy playing Dick Dale style guitar on top of it named Erik Hokkanen. I actually LOVED it and thought it was really cool. I almost bought the CD. 2 more weird digressions about Flipnotics.

1)While taking a break out on the patio they were playing TV on the Radio “Staring at the Sun” which I love. The weird thing is earlier in the day I snagged a bunch of CDs from my sister to burn and there was an unmarked one and it was TV on the Radio and I was listening to that song thinking how good it was. Twice in a day with that tune.
2)Flipnotics has the TV aquarium I want really bad. I bought my self a big 50’s TV at Round top flea market this year I just need to find a place to make it into an aquarium for me.

So we got here with just 2 or 3 songs left for the Total Foxes which is who we were there to see, or Germ anyway. They are really cute and funny. There was some comedy troop afterwards and they made up songs on the spot about people’s stories. A lady in the audience told a story about her vegan thanksgiving and the band made up and sang a song called Tofurkey. At this point Tina came over to the bar to join us.

The Carousel closes at midnight, so clearly there was still time to go out so the Longbranch is on the East side and on the way home. For whatever reason this place was kickin. Omari and Dave M were there so we all hung out. I love the bar in this place, I think it was originally in the Driskell Hotel and is big and wood. They had some DJs that fluctuated between sucking really hard and playing some pretty awesome car seat songs like 10cc “I’m not Alone”. The best part of the night was proving Omari wrong that no Steve Miller does not sing “R-O-C-K in the USA”, John Cougar Mellancamp does. Thanks Dave for settling that debate.

Figured it was time to come home after all that adventure.

On a side note, I am listening to Billy Brag “Accident Waiting to Happen” man is this a good song.

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