"Quietly" by Adreon Henry

Today Chris and I drove out to Blue Genie and I picked up my Christmas present to myself, a new painting. I never buy art. Not because I don’t want to but honestly because I can never find pieces that match my house. I know to some true art connoisseurs that sounds like a really stupid thing to say, but I have a very distinct theme and color palette to my casa. When my eyes met with “Quietly” by Austin artist Adreon Henry my heart went pitter patter. My favorite color is chartreuse green and I love tigers. So much I have a pink and green one tattooed on my arm. So see it was meant to be. Here is the painting in its new home at my house what do ya think? I also got my glittery popsicle, but I’ll blog about that when I get it hung.

In other news two more brief Austin restaurant reviews. I went to The Parlor for my first time last night and though the pizza was very good, it was not the best in town as I had been told. What was awesome was the band Ume that opened for Beta Valentine. Little girl singer and guitar player that I really dug.

Today Chris and I were aimlessly wandering around north Austin running errands and went into a Persian restaurant called Alborz for lunch. I have never had Persian food and now I want it all the time. They had a lunch buffet and everything was wonderful. Cherry rice might be one of my new favorite foods.

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