Putting It On

So this is not the best picture of me in the whole wide world, but who cares. This is the only picture I could find from the day we taped “Putting it On”, tomorrow’s episode of Stylelicious – which also happens to be my debut on the show. I know you have all been sitting waiting anxiously going “yeah, yeah those other Austin Craft Mafia girls are ok and everything, but I am really setting my TIVO weekly in hopes of catching Jennifer Perkins showing me how to cover a headband in fabric”. Holy poop your wish is coming true tomorrow!!! How did you know I was going to cover head bands with felt? You must be psychic. Tina and Susann join me on the episode. Be sure and tune in tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30pm Central and if you miss it, no worries it will air again on Sundays at 3.

Most episodes all the girls are slathered in my jewelry that not only am I wearing the stylist Jane’s shirt I am also wearing a pair of earrings by the very super deluxe talented Jessica Mcambly of Onda Style. Oh and the special guest is my booth partner in crime at Austin City Limits every year Amy Barber of Sweettooth Bags.

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