Pretty Girls Make Graves

Last night was super fun and full of excitement. The last Thursday of the month is always the Babes in Business Bonanza meeting. This is a small business incubator group here in Austin I help coordinate. In the summer’s we meet at a lovely little restaurant on the east side of Austin called Azul. So lovely in fact that I had been to a Stitch meeting in the exact same location just the night before. Some of my favorite crafty Austin ladies came out to eat, drink and talk about business.

After the meeting Hope, Tina and I headed downtown to meet up with Wylie and Erin so we could all go to Emo’s together to see Pretty Girls Make Graves. We had a quick drink at Beauty Bar and then we were off. PGMG were nice enough to put me on the guest list plus a few friends so we all went and let the rock commence. Handy our good friend Dave’s band, The Brothers and Sisters, were playing on the inside stage. When we first got there we all got to feel like rock stars because a sweet girl named Courtney took our pictures for Spin Magazine. Worked out perfect because Hope had on a skirt that she had sewn, Erin had on a Tupac dress that Hope had painted and well I just had on my new favorite white dress that I got at Top Shop when I was in England. Fingers crossed we make it in the magazine. Once Jesse and I were in Jane, but that is a different story.

The picture is Andrea Zollo from Pretty Girls Make Graves and I. She is adorable and loves her the Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. Check her out in a Kula Lumpur Necklace and Gold Lamae Watch. They put on an amazing show and I was so happy I got to come out and see. I even got a free PGMG T-shirt that I am quite smitten on.

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