Please note the brooch pictured is not the culprit.

There has been a major break through at my house. The revamped vintage brooch that has been glued down to the corner of my coffee table for over a year finally came off last night.

I like to make jewelry at the coffee table in my living room while I watch movies or TV. My little 1950’s blonde wood coffee table is all beat to hell, partially because I have had it since college and also because it has glue all over the top. If you run your hand across the top it is like War and Peace in brail. Anyway about a year ago I was making revamped vintage brooches and after I glued the parts I sat them on the coffee table to dry like always. The next day one stubborn little brooch refused to move. I tried everything and finally just gave up. The worst part about it was it was a really cute brooch with a little sea foam green sailboat so I didn’t want to hurt.

Yesterday with the threat of my friend Courtney and a camera crew coming over to film me today for some web site thing I felt especially pressured to remove the little brooch. With a few hearty stabs with my pliers up pops the brooch completely unscathed. Seriously, that brooch has been there almost a year – it is indeed a small miracle. Please note the brooch pictured is not the culprit, just another example of a revamped vintage brooch.

In random music news yesterday I was so excited to download Annette Funicello’s “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”. They played it on this week’s episode of Big Love and I have had it stuck in my head ever since.

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