Please Mr. Panda Don’t Leave Me

Have you ever been to a flea market and seen something that you were pretty sure you wanted, but were not ready to make that commitment. Then later you go home and you find yourself talking non-stop about said item and dreaming about it? After day one at the Flea Market today I can’t stop thinking about this huge fiberglass vintage panda head trash can thing. I don’t really know what I will do with it, but I have come to terms with the fact that if it is there tomorrow morning I am taking him home. He is pictured above with my sister Hope giving him a bite of the obnoxiously large plastic ice cream cone she scored. Like I said he sits on top of a big metal barrel trash can and his mouth is open. Was he for trash? Was he a game from a carnival? Does he want to live in my garden among the cactus or in my living room on top of the entertainment center? I just can’t decide, but I will find a home for him somewhere. I don’t really want the trash can part, but the giant head is just so rad I am not sure I will be able to sleep tonight worrying about whether someone else came and got him. Everyone pray really hard for me that he is there tomorrow and we are reunited like it was meant to be.

The rest of flea market was so-so. As mentioned Hope got the big ice cream cone which I also pictured being fed to a horse. Some man had rigged his segway scooter with one of those pay a quarter to ride horses from outside the grocery store and was riding it around the flea market. Hope and I thought he looked hungry so we gave him a bite. I scored some new and exciting jewelry pieces, but nothing that I am dying to put on the website. Karly got a wooden poodle portrait that she was quite smitten with. Mom scored some new Barkcloth and an outdoor fountain that I swear is really a urinal. Hope also scored the biggest 1984 boom box that I have ever seen. She is going to paint it with glittery goodness for Stitch and some poor unsuspecting model is going to have to walk down the runway with it on her shoulder. One last picture, Hope and her ice cream cone in a rustic country setting. The flea market is after all in a bunch of cow pastures.

5 Responses to “Please Mr. Panda Don’t Leave Me”

  1. Robin Beam

    I absolutely love that ice cream cone…I think your sister needs to make an entire pictoral with it…you could do the same with your panda…it would be a blast! She needs some bling, though…earrings, necklaces, maybe some blingy sunglasses?

    Blingy Hugs, Robin


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