Periodical Party

It’s almost 2am and here I am at my parents house watching The First 48 with my mom and sister, blogging and flipping through all my mother’s magazines. Between she and my father there are magazines on crafts, business, travel, classic cars, home decorating and more. The periodical supply is really endless. I love flipping through magazines and spotting familiar faces and names. While thumbing through Haute Handbags I immediately spotted the bags by Alisa Burke. For starters I have one Alisa’s bags and I adore it! Second she was a guest on Craft Lab Season 2 so I recognized her work. Third her bags were my favorite in the entire magazine. Alisa has an awesome graffiti chic style about her painting. In the article she uses canvas to make a purse and on the episode of Craft Lab we paint canvas and recover a chair. Above are some examples of her work. If you snag yourself a copy of Haute Handbags be sure to check out page 86. Oh and the page right before is a zipper purse by another Craft Lab guest Barbara Matthiessen.

Another magazine I was drawn to because of the colorful cupcake adorned cover was the March issue of Romantic Homes. I realize this one is old, but I saw another familiar name Alicia Paulson of Posie and her almost more infamous blog Posie Gets Cozy. I don’t know Alicia and occasionally visit her blog, but I tell you after looking at the pictures in this magazine I want to go to her house. Not only does she seem to have adorable cyber style it transfers into her kitschy cute home. You can see all the pictures from the article on her press page.

One last name I recognized from in an issue of Fortune Small Business was that of the Junk Gypsies. They have an eclectic little booth set up each year at the Round Top flea market. Their style is very cowboy boots, a hot pink petti-coat, T-shirt and tiara. It is really cuter than it sounds in person. Their business was profiled years ago and there was a follow up article that mentioned they were opening a store in Austin!

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