People pick up your dog poo.

Late last night while you were sleeping 19 new one of a kind hand painted purses by HOT PINK PISTOL were added to Naughty Secretary Club! Does my younger sister have the skills to pay the bills or what?

When I was not adding new purses to my web site Chris and I also went swimming and made our second attempt at watching Dr. Strangelove yesterday. The park where we went swimming is really geared towards bringing your dog, which is fine and dandy, but walking along the trail it is like a video game dodging land mines. People pick up your dog poo. The whole park really smelled bad too. Again in the dogs defense I think the park was meant more for them to run around and swim than it was for Chris and I to sit on a bench and eat sandwiches. After swimming we came home and made it through the movie this time around. I don’t know why I found it rather hard to sit through and boring. Oh well, I sat and made jewelry the entire time anyway (look for some holy crap those are cute revamped vintage rings coming soon). Today I am having lunch with my mother in law and grandmother in law. I need to start packing for my 2 week long trip I leave for Thursday. Chicago for CHA, Peoria to see my grandmother, Knoxville to film DIY Holiday specials. I just got an email this morning about all the different “TV Outfits” I need to pack.

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