Pencil Pusher Necklace on Mad Men

What do the TV Show Mad Men and The Naughty Secretary Club book have in common? Well truthfully I am not sure since I have never seen the show. What I do know is that one of the characters Joan looks like she has been flipping through the pages of the book to get some accessory ideas. A friend sent me an email asking if I had noticed the pen necklace that Joan often wears on Mad Men and I quickly did a little googling and found exactly what they were talking about. I adore her necklace and have made several though the years that I have sold on Naughty Secretary Club. Now with the book I have instructions on how to make your own version using a vintage pen cap or a vintage bullet pencil. Just check out the pictures below to get an idea. Grab yourself a copy of the book for full instructions. Not to mention if you don’t want to wear your pen as a necklace there is also a project to wear your pen as a pin!

Pencil Pusher Necklace

Do you watch Mad Men? Should I add it to the list of shows I already set my DVR for? Oh that reminds me there are new episodes of John and Kate Plus Eight waiting for me.

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  1. Anh

    I’ve seen every other episode and I’m intrigue. Yeah you might get lost if starting from mid-season, cause one of the character’s past was talked about and I’m like “when did that happened?!” I’m gonna see if one of my friends have it and start back on episode one. So yes I say DVR it!

  2. allthingsaustindesign

    You know I watched one episode of the first season and then another episode of the current season last night. I can definitely see myself getting into it, and will wait a little longer to dive in. I’ll say though, it seems like i’m being dramatic, but it’s sort of hard for a design lover to pay attention to the actors when I’m too busy testing myself with the names of certain pieces of

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    God I didn’t even think about the furniture, I may have to start the DVR up. Ya and those Gosselin kids are addictive. I swear I was hooked long before I was knocked up so it has nothing to do with that.

    Anh I think maybe if you have digital cable AMC has some of the older episodes you can watch on demand. I might go that route to get started.

  4. noisy penguin

    If you have OnDemand you might be able to watch last season and the other episodes of this season there – before this season started my husband and I caught up on all of last season in a few days. Otherwise, Netflix! It’s a great show.

  5. shanna

    my husband just bought the first season DVDs and i can’t wait for the 2nd season to come out! we’re hooked! the script is fantastic, the actors are really great, and the clothes/furniture/etc. are amazing! you’ve got to watch it!

  6. Heather -

    No, you can’t really tune in mid-season. Rent Season 1 and see if you like it. It’s a drama with a linear storyline, so you definitely need to see it from the beginning.


  7. Natalie

    I’m obsessed with the show and DVR it every week. I just caught the last episode last night and was wondering about Joan’s necklace! Her style is one of my favorites on the show. I don’t know what cable station you have in Austin, but here with Comcast you can watch the whole first series and second series so far on their “On Demand” service. I basically got hooked from then on. xoxo

  8. Krissi

    Mad Men is one of the most interesting and intelligent shows on T.V. It’s so good, I can hardly believe it’s actually television!

    DVR ahoy! However, you need to start from the beginning and go through the stories chronologically – Season 1 is out on DVD. You’ll thank me.

  9. Anonymous

    hey, am watching 'Executive Suite' and noticing that Nina Foch is wearing the pen on a chain… low, like Joan is wearing it now in Season… um… 3 ? want 🙂


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