Patchwork Home Decor

Today is day one of a 3 part series on all things patchwork. Look for patchwork in fashion tomorrow and a fun how-to patchwork horse-a-rific project on Friday. Today however is about patchwork within the interior design world. I know I keep obsessing about my new bedroom, but I just can’t help it. We opted for white walls and are debating hard wood floors. Bamboo actually and for a little bitty bedroom it is over $2,000!!! I am remembering why I went with carpet in my living room 5 years ago and we are headed to Home Depot tonight to price out Pergo in an attempt to save a little money. Anyway with plain white walls and a wood floors my plan is to go really obnoxious in the fabric department. An article in Country Living Magazine about Sandy Stone is what really set my design wheels in motion. Chris kept questioning my choice of white walls since it was so out of character for me, but I assured him with all the fabric I am going to be throwing around in that room we needed a clean white slate to start. Once I got started looking around on the net and my home decorating books I just could not stop the patchwork of color insanity and clipped a few of my favorites to show you.

If I can’t afford $2,000 worth of bamboo flooring, even with my IRS stimulus check, chances of me being able to afford to have furniture shipped over from London are slim to none. Squint is a company in London that recovers antique furniture in a patchwork of vintage fabrics. I have seen furniture like this before that has not done a thing for me, but Squint and their bright colors really tug at my heart strings. Is it the velvet? Is it the square of yellow Bambi fabric right in the center? Who knows, but I love it.

I am also digging the patchwork wall paper look. Where does one get this wall paper? Is it fabric or wall paper? Seems like I could make something similar with old scarves or vintage hankies as an accent wall. I am still searching for the ultimate headboard and maybe just a wall of patchwork is what I have been searching for. The top two pictures are from ninainvorm who had her wall featured on Apartment Therapy. She also has an Etsy store selling pottery. The bottom picture is of Sandy Stone’s studio, which leads me to believe her walls are fabric not wall paper.

More chairs from Sandy Stone that look a little more do-able and my speed as compared to the ones from Squint. Sandy has such a fun eye for vintage textiles and I love that she incorporates in things like neck ties and skinny belts. A trip to the thrift store could get this project started. Now if only I knew anything about upholstery.

Amazing couches from Squint and a stool from Sandy Stone that incorporates in old sewing patterns and a vintage skinny belt! The vases are by Stephen Burks and are made of excess sweater material from the fashion house Missoni. My guess is he makes the vases sort of like one would make a string lamp and covers the whole thing with resin. Mama might have to try her hand at this one.

The fun part about all these patchwork pieces is that most of them are recycling in one way or another. Take for instance this waste basket made of old flip flops! Super duper clever! The chair is from Urban Outfitters and though not as cute as those from Squint, probably a lot more affordable.

These are just a few of the patchwork pictures I have been collecting as inspiration for my new bedroom. Know any other great pictures, websites, projects out there that might tickle my patchwork fancy? Remember tomorrow is patchwork fashion and Friday is patchwork how-to!

***UPDATE – A few new discoveries have to my attention since we last chatted that I felt compelled to post***

I read about these amazing countertops by Vetrazzo in Dwell Magazine. They are all made with recycled glass and come in several different color combinations. The master bathroom is connected to the new bedroom and the current counters are pretty funky so these might be a fun option.

As I stood looking at my new “super value pack” of assorted pom-poms that I bought at the craft store last week in dawned on me I had not mentioned the amazing rug made of felt balls by O900 Design. Now this looks like something I could make myself. Up there in the corner are some of the raddest scrap leather throw pillows on Etsy by My Happy Accidents.

My friend Rachel sent me the link to a new and exciting (to me) blog here in Austin called All Things Austin Design. From there I left a comment saying how I was drooling over this house she had blogged about. Within no time Adrienne who writes the blog sent over the above picture with a patchwork fireplace and couches. Unfortunately neither of us know where the picture originated, but it fit the patchwork bill so well I had to show you.


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  1. Alexa

    would it be possible for you to paint an old couch or chair in a similar style? the solid blocks wouldn’t be too hard and then you could do the plaids pretty easily as well? Maybe you should hit up your sister for some help! Ha ha. Just a thought.

  2. Contessa Kris

    I watched a ‘Be Original’ episode recently where she painted those tweed-ish luggage bags? She just used house paint and acrylics after she primed it. On another episode she painted fabric umbrellas. Using acrylic paint and a mix of textile medium. That might be the way to go? Or just make a bright patchwork ‘quilt’ with no backing and then cover your couch like a slipcover. MIght be easier.

  3. Alexa

    hmm…I don’t know a lot about upholstery, but could you paint a large piece of fabric or somehow collage/sew fabrics together and then reupholster the chair with it? Might be worth looking into!

  4. Cindy

    From my experience fabric paint shouldn’t get all hard and stuff. It would be Ok to set on too. But, Would get very expensive. I agree that making a kind of backless quilt and using it to upholster the furniture with would be the easiest.

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    That Michelle, she is a crafty one. My sister uses that medium with her paints when she does clothing, but it is still not all that soft really. Like it doesn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t snuggle up for a Law and Order marathon on it. However I am thinking about doing some wacky patchwork painting on other things.

    Please keep the awesome ideas coming they are getting my wheels turning.

  6. allthingsaustindesign

    Hi! I can’t believe I’ve never been on your blog before! How great. And I’m totally not saying this just to say—I have been obsessed with patchwork lately! I saw this one pic from a blog a couple of months ago where they had used old fabric scraps as the covering of a fireplace. It was so simple yet so wonderful. I’ll have to hunt the photo down for you. Anyway, great post! Thanks!

  7. Tina Sparkles

    Yay patchwork! OK, so you know I have been obsessed lately with looking into the crystal ball and trying to figure out fashion trends for Spring 2010. Patchwork is on my list…..I guess it is starting early! It makes total sense because it is majorly eco-fashion friendly for those of us who like to rip up old stuff and sew it into something new. Can’t wait to see part 2 and part 3! BTW, I

  8. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Tina – I know I totally need to break down and get the hard wood, I might just have to sell plasma or an egg to afford it.

    So glad that you think patchwork is the hot ticket for the future, I was thinking of you with tomorrows fashion segment.

    Shanna – I will be posting pictures of our class Friday. Just posted them in my flickr account. Will you email me at info@

  9. Stacia

    I just love the recycled glass counters. I have been bugging hubby everyday that we need them since I saw them used on a DIY show. I love the recycled glass back splash tiles too. I don’t know the cost but will probably be right next to you at the plasma bank.

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  11. Style Maven

    I am in love with the patchwork wallpaper.. how completely and totally inspiring! And that mosaic countertop? So gorgeous. I never would have thought to work patchwork into the home, but i love it! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Shannon

    hello – I snuck over from a link on Attic24. Love your post. The bottom photo (patchwork couches facing each other in front of patchwork framed fireplace) is the home of Isobel Trenouth, featured in the book Bazaar Style. The book contains many more inspiring patchwork photos, and is well worth tracking down.

  13. Laura Scaron

    I just wonder how to make the patchwork resistant enough for upholstery, do I need to add a backing? Anyone has any idea???
    I've been searching the web with no luck.

  14. Jo

    Cannot believe this but I actually have that mysterious picture as a full article in my ” inspire” file. In my case it wasn’t in a book but featured in a UK homes magazine. I’ve just found your link via Attic24 archives so I realise I’m many years behind but I recognised it instantly just from one pic.


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