Over 24 hours in my pajamas.

Have I ever mentioned to you that I have a really scary addiction to shoes? Well I do. I stopped counting at 200 pairs. Lately, not that I am thinking about having kids but, all these people keep telling me how their shoes did not fit after they got preggers. That is all the birth control I need, I love my shoes too much to let them go. So anyway I am going to start adding a picture of a shoe a week. Lemme know if this idea excites you at all. Look you can see my Christmas trees behind the boots!

These are my Old Gringo Cowboy boots. Got em at Allen’s Boots on Congress in Austin. I had seen them a long time ago at a store called CJ Riley’s in McKinney and had been dreaming about them ever since. I even once made people at a party find the Old Gringo website on their sidekicks so everyone could look at them. Now you can look at them too.

Naughty Secretary Club has been stocked up with new hand painted purses by Hot Pink Pistol plus there are a couple of new Pop Purses I added yesterday. You know I added the Naughty Secretary Club jewelry that you saw at STITCH to my site, well my sister Hope recently added all the awesome clothing you saw with the baubles. Check out her site HOT PINK PISTOL.

Speaking of yesterday there is nothing to say about it because I never got out of my pajamas or left the house. Well I did go outside once at about 8 to get the scotch tape out of Chris’s car. Worked all day made a bunch of French Flora, Wooden Friends, Zebra Heart and Giggling Monkey Necklaces. Watched Ladyhawke was in bed early. Hence why I am up at 8AM on Sunday.

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