Originally said “Booty” instead of “Arggguh”.

You know it is really sad when you don’t even realize that you are on TV. I thought all the new episodes of Stylelicious were over and then last night Vickie and Jesse tell me that our episode, Spice it Up, was on yesterday. Actually that was the very first episode we filmed EVER. I was scared to death and then that crazy blazer I had to wear on top of that oh and I was not supposed to say panties. It was a lot of pressure for a girls first day on the job, but I think it all worked out and the episode came out cute. Hope you caught it. I make underwear sets that are a little more dolled up – including a pirate set that originally said “booty” instead of “Arggguh”. At the very end I also make this crazy spray painted blue jean jacket. Jesse reworks some Chinese Slippers and Vickie adds a touch of tulle to a denim skirt if I remember the line from her script correctly.

Today I have to seriously crack down and get to cleaning. I have my friends Lisa, Matt and Kate coming from Los Angles Sunday and the house is in shambles. What scares me more is that weather says it is supposed to start raining tomorrow and not stop until the end of next week. NO NOT A RAINY 4th OF JULY! The sun is out now so maybe I can will the rain away. Ok off to clean before the gym. I think Ginger might quit (and I would not blame her) if I don’t change the littler box in the studio this morning before she gets here.

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