Operation Craft Space Clean Up: Volume 4

I gotta say I am pretty dizang proud of myself for the work I have done in the studio this week. I have hung 2 sets of shelves, rearranged furniture, cleaned off tables and more importantly picked up the floor. I only have one small section left to clean and getting that done before the end of the month should be a piece of cake.

I think the section I am most proud of is my sewing table. What was once a junky corner that did not exactly entice me to hit a lick on my sewing machine is now a well organized bitchin’ stitchin’ nook. Complete with new wall shelving. Another favorite aspect of my new sewing station are my fancy new magnet boards made with two vintage TV trays. I always knew those trays would come in handy one day.

It’s funny I typically can’t find a measuring tape to save my life, but since I have started cleaning I now have a container on my sewing desk with 5 just waiting to measure something.

Brace yourself for a long shot….wait for it….

Let’s talk about that clean floor space I mentioned. You can almost do cartwheels in here! After a good mopping I’d almost feel safe letting Tallulah crawl around in here, at least for a second. Let’s do a before picture to get the full effect of how much time I have spent on my hands and knees recently.

The more I clean the more I am starting to realize that not only do I need to clean my craft space, I need to organize it. I have walls of shelving, bins, drawers and more but none of it is organized particularly well. It’s not something that just a label maker can fix. My logic is that if I am going to go this far with a deep clean and total overhaul I might as well go that extra step and really organize to make my craft space it’s very best. Currently I have several drawers of randomness just organized by color, some of those drawers are overflowing and could be sorted better. There are the inevitable bins of stuff that keeps getting the blind eye turned on them and needs to be put away. My jewelry findings are a mess and there is still that one loan desk covered in jump rings, wire and various other bits that need to be corralled. All this being said there is the distinct possibility that January is Operation Craft Space Clean Up and February might be Operation Craft Space Organize.

How do you sort your goodies? By color, by object, by size, by what you are going to use it for? I have so many one of a kind items random bins are inevitable to some extent, I’m just curious how you keep your random goodies situated.

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  1. Marilyn

    Looking good! Allow me to sound like a dum-dum but what do you call that wooden thingamuhjiggie where you keep your spools of thread? I want to get something like that only for my spools of chain. I need some order myself. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Marilyn, my mom got that for me and I pretty much call it the wooden thing that holds my thread. I am pretty sure she got it at Hancocks or Joanns. Good idea to use it for spools of chain. My spools are super jumbo, I need to think of something clever for them. I have some hanging on peg board and others just sitting atop a shelf, you can see them in the top center of the last picture.

  3. Diana in Sioux Falls

    Wonderful progress!!! I organize mainly by craft~~scrapbooking/card making, sewing, needlecrafts, etc. But I do find that I also have a drawer or two of randomness that I am not sure what to do with. Maybe February will be my organizing month as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. linda p

    it looks great! come do mine!

    one thing that helped me when we were doing the mag is that we had a shelf with bins for current projects (or stories)- with all the supplies for those projects. then when we were done with the issue everything would get sorted back into its regular supply place (by type of supply). i think having a few extra empty bins for "works in progress"

  5. Tracey Carlson

    I tend to keep like with like, but there are things that are just random and I have a white many drawered plastic beast that houses everything that doesn't have a home.
    I have to say that I'm not a neat person and I have to work to be neat so I can get work done. Not to mention I have two cats and a dog that apparently think anything on the floor is theirs.

  6. FENNOfashion

    Awesome Progress! I posted a link back to your blog on my most recent post about January being a 'clean up & organizing month for most of us'
    You came a long way, I bet it feels so good to have a clean, organized studio!

  7. Nicole

    omg! it looks fantastic! And so pretty 🙂

    I agree with Linda's suggestion for WIP containers. I have a big plastic drawer unit that holds ziploc bags with current projects. Totally helps.

  8. Christina

    Wow, this is so inspiring! Your space looks fantastic! I want.

    I'm loving the pink suitcases for extra storage.

    I also swear by ziploc bags and WIP containers.

  9. Anonymous

    You, quite simply put, are a Goddess, Jennifer. I am in complete awe of your organizational skills. I truly need help when it comes to cleaning & organizing.


  10. Fredda Perkins

    This looks great. The trick is not to slip back into old habits and leave stuff spilled out when you look for stuff. I'm inspired. I'm going right out to my craft cottage to organize some more. How do you store antlers though?

  11. jewelrygirl

    The room is looking great Jennifer!

    I sort by types of things, usually. it is tough with my jewelry, though. I have all the "junk" and a lot of beads, etc. So, I try to sort some colors within the jewelry stuff…or I would go crazy!

    Your room looks great! I love the trays.


  12. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Thanks for all the moral support dudes. Now as my mom mentioned if I can only keep it this way. I never promised I would.

    Karly glad you like the TV trays, means a lot coming from you. I used to have some other really cheesy ones like ET that I took to Goodwill. See this is why I hoard!

    I just realized as I am cleaning and sorting that I might actually have more shelving

  13. C-Joy

    Wow -I'm stunned by the fabulosity of your craft space! You have obviously spent a lot of time working on it. My craft organization right now is simply piling all my materials on my project table 😀

  14. ArtistikDiva

    Great progress. Awe inspiring. My goal this year is to stop renting and buy a home…I will be looking for one with plenty of space for crafting. Your space is a sight to behold. GOOD JOB Jenn!

  15. ddhurlbut

    wow your studio looks amazing! I always feel great after cleaning up my work shop but the really difficult part for me is keeping it neat! I sort my buttons by color, paper by size, random bits go together in these little partitioned boxes I found at a tag sale for 10cents apiece,by material paper scraps, buttons and doodads. like that. BTW, I am enjoying your blog it looks and sounds just

  16. Casey

    I have my supplies sorted by type, then sub-categorized by color. My storage is usually in order, but my desk always looks like an art store threw up on it, even with WIP bags. LOVE your sewing table! We had one that looked really similar, until some friends dropped it when they were helping us move. Then it wasn't so pretty anymore.

  17. shauna

    Your before pics look SO like my studio! Even down to the "shell" of plastic drawers with all the drawers pulled completely out! LOL! For a moment I didn't feel so bad. Then I saw you after pics! I have GOT to get busy! Mine is even worse though! I have bags and bags stacked 3 ft high by 5ft long of new stuff I never got around to organizing! I don't have enough space for one

  18. Mel

    Your room looks great. I am pretty organized with my fabric and my beads, which are the things I have the most of, but the rest of my craft room is a disaster. That's what I need to work on next!

    (The fabric and the beads are organized mostly by color, in plastic bins. And I do the "in-progress" thing too. It's very helpful.)

  19. Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles

    Very colourful, very nice and neat. I love your vintage trays over the sewing machine, nice idea for a magnet board! I'm working on my studio, but first I must wait for the carpenter to get done! I'm moving from 220 sq feet to 135 sq feet God help me….!


  20. Becky

    I got here from CRAFT but wanted to thank you for being honest enough to show us the "before" pictures. As someone else said, I chuckled when I saw the drawer thing with the drawers missing! You are so lucky to have a dedicated craft space – but you've inspired me to work on what I do have. Thank you!

  21. Elisabeth

    Wow, what a difference! You did an amazing job! I really enjoyed seeing these photos because I am doing the exact same thing right now. My craft space is only about a tenth of the size of yours, but I think it was probably 10 times as messy! D:
    Like you, I started out merely cleaning and then realized I was going to need to do some hardcore organizing to make sure all the hard work

  22. trudy

    Well, it looks like you already have the storage part of it figured out.. but I like to spend the least amount on that part so that I can spend more on the supplies… so i use plastic shoe boxes and the cheap gladwear containers in a variety of sizes to sort my stash into. Depending on the type of stuff it's organized by product/use and if it's a bit more random still by use but by color

  23. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Claudia,

    I'm not sure and I'm in Dallas for a few days so I can't measure it. It's probably 2ft X 2ft if I had to guess. My mom has a larger one and though it is a bigger pain to set up I kind of wish I had a larger one.

    Hope that helps. They are dang handy!


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