One Day Down, Three More to Go!

Day 1 of filming is complete. Given we were hoping to shoot 6 episodes today and only got through 5, I still feel like we filmed all 20. Its been so long since I have done this I had almost forgotten what hard work it is being perky for 8 hours. Today we shot Create Your Own Candy Bag, Alternative Pumpkin Art, 3D Pumpkin Faces, Fun Party Favors and Halloween Centerpieces. We painted plastic fruit black, turned T-shirts into bags and used polymer clay to turn a plain pumpkin into Mr. Potato head. Turns out not only are these little webisodes going to be on looks like you will also be able to see them on AOL and Yahoo.

I am a little fried this evening and only have the energy for a bath, my left over bake potato from Jason’s Delis and Law and Order. That being the case instead of blogging about something interesting I’ll share a few links with you of people who blogged about me recently. There are interviews, mentions, contests and more. I got so many google alerts today about all the blogs I felt like a bloglebrity! Thanks tons to everyone for the mentions.

I wrote to all the blogs that I mentioned in the Everybody’s Blogging for the Weekend section of my book and some of those blogs were nice enough to mention me back. I was in the news feed on Décor 8, Whip Up Gave a shout out and on Fly I was the link of the day!

I didn’t even know that My Craftivity was having a contest that involved a free copy of The Naughty Secretary Club: the Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry until I got a Google alert about being mentioned on Craft Gossip’s Indie Crafts. Speaking of contests Ponoko announced the winners of their 10-Day Design Challenge: Jewelry for Summer that I helped judge. I was sad some of my favorites didn’t make it into the top 10 because of technical default, but I did love the 3 winners pieces!

Two things that made me feel extra warm and squishy today were getting an award on the Collage Contessa blog and finding an interview I did on Jubella!

Ok I need to get my scripts read and a whole lot beauty rest, the executives from the network are coming to the filming tomorrow.

6 Responses to “One Day Down, Three More to Go!”

  1. Petty Vices

    I’m so excited to learn you’re making webisodes! If only it were still Craft Lab…I sure am enjoying the “new” episodes of Styleicious I’ve been recording, but darn it, I want more of all of it and not just via the web. I guess its not all about me though…Stay perky!! Great to have a fall craft fix to look forward to.

  2. Contessa Kris

    Just saw now that you mentioned my blog because I mentioned your blog! lol So excited to hear that you’re doing something new like the webisodes. I’m still in withdrawal with no new Craft Lab. But the new Stylelicious episodes have been wonderful to see. Any hope for more Craft Lab? Maybe we need to start a petition? I’d be the first to sign up. Keep up the inspiring work.


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