Noteworthy Nocturnal Nuggets

I feel like a total slack for not blogging this week but I have good excuses. My father-in-law was visiting, I was filmed for Etsy’s There’s No Place Like Here which meant lot’s of house cleaning and my mom is coming tomorrow. That being the case instead of a real blog I decided to knock off Doe-c-Doe and scan in a few vintage cards and notepads I have thrifted lately. The kind of things you might find in say a pack of Crafty Collage Curios. I promise to think of something fun for tomorrow’s installment of I Love to Create and be back with blogging vengeance. Today is going to be 104, what else do I have to do but sit inside and craft.

How bad do you wish that sewing themed font was available for your computer?

3 Responses to “Noteworthy Nocturnal Nuggets”

  1. Sandy

    LOVE the sewing font! Wow – it's gonna be HOT there. Why do you live where it's that hot? I miss watching you every day.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    the font is so cute, the front of the card has an adorable little sewing dummy.

    Sandy, I'm a Texan through and through. Temps in the 70's are cold to me 🙂 I wish I was still on TV everyday too. You can always write HGTV and DIY to let them know.


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