No more extra large jaw breakers for me.

The main news of excitement for the day is that we have new Hot Pink Pistol Purses and Hair Clips at Naughty Secretary Club. Hope has been like a little painting machine with these bad boys. Word to the wise if you see one you like, snag it fast they are one of a kind and 2 sold this morning already. I think I am going to use some of the images to make some jewelry. What are you favorites? I do the Deer Hunter Earrings, Owl-e-Poo Necklace and my mom makes several belt buckles with her art already.

Last night Chris and I went to the movies and saw Breach. Sadly it was not as good as I had hoped it would be. Chris Cooper is awesome, Ryan Philippe has an odd bump on his head and I wanted to hear more about Robert Hanseen being a sexual deviant. Otherwise he is just a boring old spy. A pervy spy is a way more interesting story. On our way in I bought myself a GIANT jawbreaker and two came out so Chris and I both got one. As we watched the previews Chris and I realized that he could fit the whole thing in his mouth with room to spare and I could not even come close to getting it in. The thing was bigger than a golf ball. Chris finished his about half way through the movie, but I mean the credits were rolling when I was done. My point is my tongue is still raw today from the stupid thing. No more extra large jaw breakers for me.

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