New Years Eve on a Budget

Jen over at Indie Fixx invited me to be a part of a fun article she whipped up about celebrating New Years Eve on a Budget that I thought you might enjoy. Learn how to make your own tiaras out of pipe cleaners like the one I am modeling here a few new years back. Find out what Black Eyed Pea recipe I will be whipping up tomorrow to ensure good luck for 2009. Plus see a cute picture of my friends Cory and Susanne.

I have a feeling that I will not make it until midnight tonight, but maybe. There is a laundry list of parties around town, but at 8 months pregnant I doubt I will make it to any.

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  1. valerie

    Is there a way to change your RSS feed to include a full post? Right now it’s just 4 lines and they’re all smooshed together with no pictures.

    It would make my 2009 brighter. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Jennifer!


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