New Knits on the Block

Check out the cover of Vickie’s new book New Knits on the Block. Look really closely at the ring on her finger. Yeah it is a Naughty Secretary Club Revamped Vintage Onyx Ring. Also, look for my casa in a few pictures in the book like monster hats, tooth fairy alien pillow and Hawaiian Dolls in a sleeping bag thing.

Hey did you know Beta Valentine and Bellakun both have new CDs out? Both are the latest releases on the label I co-own with Chris Has Anyone Ever Told You? Have you seen the Beta Valentine video that PJ did? That is funny stuff yo. You should totally score the CDs and watch the video.

Speaking of music here are the downloads of the last few days: Dizzie Rascal, Broken Social Scene, Al Stewart, The Streets, Jerry Lee Lewis, LCD Soundsystem, Harry Bellefonte M83, The Hold Steady, and Atmosphere.

So today is Sunday the day after my 31st birthday which was pretty anticlimactic. I spent yesterday for the third day in a row at Round Top perusing antiques. I got some cool stuff like and old coke crate for magazines, a bunch of pink vintage toys for my all pink bathroom, the best thing is an old 50’s TV shell. The TV is long gone, but the shell is really awesome and I am going to look into having it made into an aquarium. If that does not work out then I am going to saw the front off and make it into a picture frame. I am going to pick up my barber station at Uncommon Objects today, keep your fingers crossed that it fits in my mother’s car. After she heads back to Dallas today Chris and I are going to paint the entry hall teal to match Maurice and Fifi and buy some paint for the spare bedroom. Home decorating party around here.

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