New jewelry, Stitch music, Press Clippings and More!

New Jewelry at Naughty Secretary Club! Nouveau Earrings, Nostalgic Notions Earrings, Nouveau Necklaces and Nostalgic Notions Necklaces.

How was your weekend? Mine was fine and dandy. Friday night I went to my younger sister Hope‘s announcement party. Ask her what the announcement is, I don’t want to ruin any surprises. It was fun not only because I was happy for Hope, but also because all my friends were there that I had not seen in the 6 weeks I have been away.

Saturday I made jewelry all day long. Luckily we had two movies at the house for me to watch, 21 Grams and Blade Runner. You know after all the hype about Blade Runner I was not that impressed. It was not bad or anything, but I thought it was going to be life changing or something. I was at least hoping to be inspired in the wardrobe department since I know a lot of punks were inspired by the looks in the movies, but no dice. 21 grams was depressing, but good.

Sunday I worked more and then went to a Stitch meeting where we chose the music for the runway. Just check out a few of the hit makers you will be hearing as you watch amazing fashion Nov 11th at Austin Music Hall…
Brazilian Girls
TV on the Radio
Spank Rock
Electric 6
Ghostland Observatory
White Rose Movement
The Stars
Bonde do Role
Hot chip
Not to mention DJ Mel, DJ Big Face, Jennifer from Ear Candy and our bands: +/- and Irving. Holy musical goodness.

I also added some new press clippings to my site last night. Did I tell you that I am in the latest issue of Cosmo Girl and Austin Monthly?

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