New Flooring & Packing for Trips Don’t Mix

Here is a lesson learned this week: never decide to get new flooring in all of your bedrooms and closets the same week you are trying to pack & leave for a trip, teach a class, go to doctors appointments, promote your book and think of Halloween ideas. I’m trying to play outfit party for CHA but all of my clothing is scattered throughout the house as we had to empty all of the bedrooms and closets. My shoes are in black garbage bags in my game room as my empty shoe racks crumble and fall apart. My jewelry is stuffed inside empty drawers and ontop of every free surface we have. I know I’m going to get to Chicago tomorrow and realize I have forgotten something of major importance like underwear or make up. In theory Chris is putting together all my new shelving while I am away so at least next week I can play home decorating party and that sounds super fun. Oh and the new flooring is looking awesome!

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  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Monica speaking of sending things to you we FINALLY got your Polyvore package out. If you snap any pics of you in the bling send it over for my customer gallery.

    I’m not sure what to do with the 40 dresses. Ebay is such a pain, Etsy does not seem the right place for clothes, I won’t make any money on Craigs List. Anybody have any suggestions? I’m also going through my 200 pairs

  2. monica burnett

    sweet, cant wait to get my stuff! i will totally take pictures.

    you should post your stuff on ebay, you are pro at writing descriptions! it shouldn’t be to painful.
    plus you will get big $$$

  3. Condo Blues

    Looking at your photos, the only thing running thorough my mind is,”When it rains, it pours.” 🙂

    I second putting the dresses on eBay, it’s not such a pain if you do it in small groups. Or you can just send them to me!

  4. TeriB

    How exciting—-isn’t it great to really have TOO MUCH stuff? Do you have any higher end resell stores/consignment in your area? I find those really great for my better stuff! (but if you are giving away jewelry, on the other hand, let me help!!!!)LOL

    Teri B

  5. Anh

    I agree with Monica B., you should post it up on ebay and etsy is fine too. I’ve seen lots of vintage clothes on etsy.

  6. chris

    ooh jen, i want a 5 min shopping spree in your house… i can carry lots. good luck with the home improvements!


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