New Earrings, Sewing Room Organization and San Francisco

I meant to tell you that I added a ton of new earrings to Naughty Secretary Club. Not just any earrings mind you big, bright, colorful ones. There are giant giraffe print hearts and neon colored Curly-Qs in Nouveau Earrings. Over in Nostalgic Notions Earrings look for polka dotted mushrooms and perky little strawberry earrings. Animal print guitar picks are hanging around in Thing-a-Ling Earrings and Hand Collaged Earrings can be found in Revamped Vintage Earrings.

Yesterday while doing the blog rounds I read something of interest on my friend Susan Beal’s blog West Coast Crafty. Susan is an awesome chic. She is a member of Portland Super Crafty, I am going to have a jewelry project in her new book, and she has been a guest on Craft Lab – so see I heart her for lots of reasons. Anyway, she mentioned an article about Bead Stores in San Francisco (which interestingly mentions another Craft Lab guest Kate Richbourg and her store Beadissmo). I am headed out to SF next week and am looking for some cool places to shop. Any other suggestions are appreciated. 6 years ago Chris and I were out there and then closer to 10 years ago I took a road trip there with some girlfriends. So it’s not that I have never been, but there is always new and exciting shopping I should be kept abreast of so send your suggestions on over.

Speaking of Susan she writes for a lot of my favorite craft magazines, Adorn and Cutting Edge for example. The other day I was standing in line at Hancock’s fabric buying the latest issue of Cutting Edge when I realized that I was in it more than once. I knew I had some jewelry in the spring 2007 issue and that was one of the main reasons for picking the magazine up. However, it was a long line so I started thumbing through and glanced and saw my name in an article called “Organize Your Sewing Room” written by Susan. I had forgotten about being interviewed for the story. It is a great article with not only tips from me but 2 other DIY Network hosts Alison Whitlock of Uncommon Threads and Cathie Fillian of Creative Juice.

Don’t forget the Naughty Secretary Club jewelry in Cutting Edge. There are Flower Behind Her Ear Hair Clips on Pg. 46. A bracelet version of the above pictured Strawberry Earrings on Pg. 47. On Pg. 49 there is a bracelet version of the Poison Apple Earrings. On Pg. 29 there is a wee little picture of the now sold out Strawberry Surprise Necklace.

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