New Blog and New Jewelry

What do you think of the new blog make over? I am pretty smitten on it myself. My friend Jenny at Websy Daisy helped me with it and I think she did a stellar job. This is similar to what my new website is going to look like, that is if it ever gets done. I especially like how on the right hand side there are categories now so you can easily peruse old posts. I have always wanted to bring back the Naughty Secretary Club zine and I think I am going to do that through my blog. I am going to try to slowly but surely move over interviews and crafty goodness from the old site. Today I am reposting an old interview I did with Miranda July right below this post.

So anywhoodle in jewelry news I added a ton of new goodies to the website this weekend. 15 new Nostalgic Notions Necklaces, Thing-a-Ling Earrings, Hot Pink Pistol Purses, Hair Goodies and Revamped Vintage Necklaces. Can you tell I am totally smitten on my new style of collage jewelry?

Among other things like going to eat at new and exciting Indian Food Restaurants I scored 3 new vintage craft pamphlets. I have always picked up old craft books, but after meeting Leah Kramer of Craftster in person on her book tour for The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts I started to really pick the books up. I found Can Crafts, Magic With Tin Cans and Cardboard Tube Fun Ideas. There is actually a couple of tackaliscious crafts I might really try out like the tin can fancy fantasy bubble. I like how these are basically crafty recycling.

Oh and while others were watching the Super Bowl yesterday I had a creative spurt and made a bunch of new jewelry to take up to Parts and Labour. No your eyes do not deceive you those are Martin Luther King Earrings and a hotel room key to the Sands in Las Vegas.

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