New Belt Buckles & Applications for Stitch

You know that belt buckle you have asked Santa for every year since you were like 5? The one with the picture of the taxadermied deer head with hot pink antlers. Well at last it can be yours! Check out the 4 new belt buckle options over at Naughty Secretary Club all designs by Hope Perkins, AKA Hot Pink Pistol.

More exciting news about STITCH, we are now accepting applications for our guerilla craft bazaar and runway designers. Last year we had over 20 designers and 60 crafters come in from Los Angles, Atlanta, Miami and more. If you have always been looking for a good excuse to come to Austin anyway, Stitch this November is it. We’re accepting applications through August 15. Now while all applications will all be looked at as a group, priority will be given to early applicants. Spaces are limited on both the runway and craft booth areas.

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