New and exciting updates in the world of press.

Here is a picture of me in my swim suit wearing a Naughty Secretary Club Woodland Necklace. Ok not really, here is a lovely model in the June/July issue of Justine Magazine wearing one. The magazine also features a Tropical Breeze and Tree Rings Bracelet.

Thanks to my handy dandy Google alerts that I mentioned yesterday I was also notified that the awesome ladies over at Fashion Tribes blogged about our Bakelite Safari Necklace. You know with the Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn coming up it reminds me of when that necklace was born. I made a necklace out of a wooden bird napkin ring that I had found and sold it there. The girl that bought the necklace must have really shown it off because throughout the rest of the event other people were coming to the booth and asking me if I had more. I even got emails when I got back to Texas. So months later when I was at the Round Top Flea Market and I stumbled upon a ton of vintage Bakelite Elephant Napkin rings I snagged them all up! The booth was actually called Dead People’s Stuff, I remember it clearly. So I will be packing some Bakelite Safari Necklaces to this years Renegade Brooklyn.

Over at GKFA.COM Naughty Secretary Club was recently featured in an article called Eclectic Earrings: From Nautical To Nuptial. My very favorite Nautical Earrings the S.S. Naughty Secretary Club were featured. Ruby Duby Earrings and the now infamous Ride Like the Wind Earrings also make appearances in the article.

That is all of the new and exciting updates in the world of press. Today I am taking a bunch of new goodies up to Flipnotics so if you are looking for some exclusive one of a kind designs, I am letting them dip into the Renegade Craft Fair stash to stock the store with. My T-shirts should be coming in today so I can get them over to the silk screener. That’s right kids, Naughty Secretary Club T-shirts are almost here. I might mention they are pretty cute too, I’ll add them to the website as soon as I can. Think I am the only person I know not going to the Shellac show tonight, but that is OK I can just make my jewelry that way!

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