Naughty Secretary Club on Lifetime Network and in Kiwi Magazine!

Did you know that you can pop over to Lifetime Network anytime you want and watch crafty webisodes? From the adorable Pattie Donham to the glitterliscious Kathy Cano Murillo and the latest addition Vickie Howell. I love all the ladies and all things crafty, but I have to say I am partial to the Vickie Howell episodes. Not because I knit, a little bit because I covet the Ian Schultz painting behind her, but mostly because she sports a pair of Naughty Secretary Club Midnight Blue Earrings in the webisode! Watch the fun video below!

Speaking of Vickie, she does a lot more than just knit – like make a mean pomegranate martini, but I digress. She is all around crafty and writes a column for Kiwi Magazine about Eco-Friendly crafts. One of her latest forays was a project called Your so Frame where she uses Naughty Secretary Club Crafty Curios to spice up a boring old plain frame. The article even mentions Naughty Secretary Club, whoo-hoo. The pictures gives you an idea of some of the fun you might find in your Crafty Curios superman cake toppers, game pieces, gumball charms, toys and more. You too could adorn a funky frame, whip up some one of a kind jewelry and do all kinds of other crafty things with just one jar. We just added 9 new jars of Crafty Curios to Naughty Secretary Club and we are adding new batches to our Etsy Store today as I type!

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