Naughty Secretary Club in the news, dying phones and recipes!

Yesterday I received the latest issue of Curve Magazine in the mail. There is a big full page article all about me, Naughty Secretary Club, Stitch, Stylelicious, Craft Lab and more. That was super duper nice of those peeps to write a story like that. Click here to read all about it. Oh and I can’t remember did I give you the link to the story in Good Life Magazine?

In case you were wondering, Constant Gardner won out last night and this is the recipe we used for Macaroni and this is the one we used for pork chops. Both were delicious. Chris and I will be having left overs for days.

The weather is awful today – all rainy and poopy – this may be day number two of staying home. I do however need to venture out to the book store and buy my tickets to London at some point. Oh and go to the phone store. I must have dropped my phone Saturday night because it is dying a slow painful death unable to make calls only able to send and recieve texts at this point. Damn the Treo!

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